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  1. ‘Kidnapped’ Durban woman found alive


Mugabe was initially expected to arrive in South Africa early on Saturday before flying on to Zimbabwe. But there was still no word that the body had left Singapore.

3. SA and Nigeria committed to close ties following xenophobic attacks

The presidency says the two countries will jointly develop responses to challenges affecting people and businesses in South Africa and Nigeria.


JAXA Spacecraft Carries Science, Technology to the Space Station

Samples for the Hourglass investigation include lunar, Mars and Phobos regolith simulants, Alumina beads, and Toyoura and Slica sands.

Credits: NASA

The Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) developed an uncrewed cargo transfer craft, called the H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV), to deliver supplies to the International Space Station. This image shows the HTV-7 resupply ship after its release from the Canadarm2 robotic arm as the space station orbited above the Pacific Ocean some 311 miles west of Baja California.

Credits: NASA

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) cargo ship H-II Transfer Vehicle-8 (HTV-8) is scheduled to lift off Sept. 10 at 5:33 p.m. EDT (6:33 a.m. Japan Standard Time) to the International Space Station from Japan’s Tanegashima Space Center, 10 years after JAXA launched its first HTV mission. HTV-8 arrives at the space station on Sept. 14.

Here are details about some of the scientific investigations and facilities heading to the orbiting lab on HTV-8.

Preparing for dusty landings

The new Hourglass investigation examines how different levels of gravity affect the behavior of granular materials such as regolith, dust that covers the surface of planets and planetary-like bodies. A better understanding of the behavior of these granular materials supports design of spacecraft for future landings on the Moon, Mars and other celestial bodies.

Scientists are conducting similar research on regolith and granular materials using the space station’s Hermes research facility. Hermes provides long duration exposure to microgravity and the vacuum of space.

Better space-to-ground and space-to-space communication  

The Demonstration of Small Optical Communication System (SOLISS) investigation demonstrates new technology for future broadband data communication in space. SOLISS is an optical system mounted on the Japanese Experiment Module (JEM), an external platform providing continuous exposure to space for a variety of experiments. SOLISS technology allows transmission of large amounts of data from the space station, as well as from satellites in geostationary orbit to ground stations.

Predicting flammability in microgravity

FLARE explores the flammability of materials in microgravity by burning various solid fuels under different conditions inside a flow tunnel. Microgravity significantly affects how combustion occurs, but current tests of the flammability of materials for crewed space missions do not consider the effect of gravity. This investigation demonstrates a new way to predict flammability in microgravity that could fill this gap and significantly improve fire safety aboard spacecraft on future exploration missions. Final components of the FLARE module arrive on the cargo ship.

For daily updates, follow @ISS_Research, Space Station Research and Technology News or our Facebook. Follow the ISS National Lab for information on its sponsored investigations. For opportunities to see the space station pass over your town, check out Spot the Station.


Christoph Waltz
Liam Hemsworth
  1. Christoph Waltz to hunt Liam Hemsworth for sport in Quibi action thriller series.
  2. Bryce Dallas Howard shares the George Lucas advice she used while directing the Mandalorian.
  3. Daniel Craig cuts a dapper figure while attending Toronto international film festival.
  4. Jennifer Lopez Super Bowl 2020 – Halftime show deal nearly done – its her dream.
  5. Kristen Stewart wants to play a gay super hero.

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  1. Former Springbok and Rugby World Cup Winner Chester Williams has died.

2. Former Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Helen Zille commented on the passing of Zimbabwe’s founding president Robert Mugabe, highlighting what she saw as the irony of him having died in a Singapore hospital.

3. JOHANNESBURG – The family of little Amy’Leigh de Jager has slammed reports that her mother could be involved in her kidnapping.

4. Joburg mom tells how teacher solicited nude pictures from daughter.

5. Judge fumes as she rules in Hanekom’s favour over Zuma’s ‘enemy agent’ tweet

In ruling against Jacob Zuma, the judge said his treatment of Hanekom ‘was not only offensive and inflammatory but also disingenuous’

6. Nursing student abducted at Cape Town hospital, raped in bushes. 

A 21-year-old Cape Peninsula University of Technology student was kidnapped from outside the Tygerberg Hospital and raped.

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World News

Hong Kong

Hong Kong leader pulls extradition bill, but it is too too late – see full article here ;

South Africa

Crowd boos as Ramaphosa cuts WEF (World Economic Forum) short to address protesters – see full article here.

Amy-Leigh’s kidnappers dropped ransom demand to R6,000 – from R2m – see full article here

Probe ordered into how Uyinene Mrwetyana’s killer allowed to work at Post Office – see full article here

Ramaphosa to address SA on harsher penalties for gender-based violence – see full article here

In the meantime – This is from a South African woman:

Today I witnessed first hand the crisis in Johannesburg/Pretoria. Today I realized first hand that as a South African we are no longer safe in our own country. 

I’v been trying to decide if I should post anything because I’m not one to post about life or politics on Facebook but today was just something else. 

I had to drop my dad off by his office this morning and on our way there we noticed how almost every shop was closed. We noticed how quiet Johannesburg was (this was only because everyone was so scared). On our way there my dad gave me a speech about “drop me and go” “drive as fast as you can and just get onto the highway and get home”. As I drove out his office I witnessed South Africans brutally killing a foreigner. I witnessed police and security companies shooting and hitting people to try and disperse them. I witnessed South Africans destroying and looting a shop that we all buy from almost everyday. I witnessed how they tortured the shop owner. 

As a women driving in the car alone I put my foot down the moment I got a gap and drove as fast as I could to get away from the shooting and violence. 

A few minutes later my dad called me to tell me that I had left just in time because he was locked in his office hiding away from the bullets and violence that was going on outside. 

My dad wouldn’t let me leave the house today because of the attacks happening all around Johannesburg.

I’m sorry but no matter if you are black, white, South African or a foreigner there is absolutely no reason for us as humans to carry on this way. We are all one! It is sickening what is happening. 

Tonight I get to sleep next to my family but those people that were brutally murdered will never have that opportunity again and why? Just because they are from a different country? Just because they look and sound different? Just because they found the opportunity and made a better life for themselves in our home? 

My heart is bleeding for all those that have lost homes, businesses, cars and family members in all the violence. My heart goes out to everyone during these truly difficult times!


Sharpie-gate? Trump shows apparently altered hurricane map – see full article here


Bahamas toll rises to seven as Hurricane Dorian crawls along US coast


Nigerians offered free flight out of SA to escape xenophobic attacks’

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TimesLIVE can reveal that one of the three arrested for the kidnapping of little Amy-Leigh de Jager ‘is a school employee’. 

One of the three people arrested for the abduction of Vanderbijlpark schoolgirl Amy-Leigh de Jager is a teacher at Laerskool Kollegepark.

Two sources with intimate knowledge of the police investigation, who spoke to TimesLIVE on condition of anonymity, said that one of the suspects collared in a police swoop on Wednesday night was an employee of the school.

Four men grabbed the grade R pupil from her mother, Angeline, outside the school shortly before 8am on Monday. They bundled her into a white Toyota Fortuner before speeding off.

The six-year-old Amy-Leigh was found on Tuesday morning at around 2am. She was dropped off by two people on a street close to the Shakespeare Inn in Vanderbijlpark, and told that her mother was waiting for her at the shop across the road. The child screamed when she did not see her mother. Two people on their way home from a pub stopped to ease her distress, and they walked her to a police station.

Two women, aged 27 and 40, and a 50-year-old man were apprehended at their homes in Vanderbijlpark on Wednesday night, confirmed police Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo. One of the female suspects, he disclosed, “is known to the parents of Amy-Leigh”.

The arrests followed an intelligence-driven operation, involving members from the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences (FCS) Unit in Vanderbijlpark and Vereeniging as well as Crime Intelligence members, said Naidoo.

A separate source, a family member, confirmed to TimesLIVE that one of the people who had been arrested is “a very close family friend”, while, the source added, “The other one [suspect] is also connected to the family.”

According to the source, “Amy-Leigh is still very traumatised, so she hasn’t gone back to school yet.”

Laerskool Kollegepark deputy principal Juanita Louw could not be reached for comment at the time of publishing. A spokesperson for the School Governing Body (SGB) said he could not comment, adding that the Gauteng Education Department would issue a statement during the course of the day.

the course of the day.

Amy-Leigh was kidnapped by four men outside Laerskool Kollegepark in Vanderbijlpark on September 2 2019. She was dropped off unharmed on September 3 2019.