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My beautiful vintage phone my husband gave me as a gift.

Hi there! 

Firstly thank you so much for reading my blog post! 

You are awesome!

Today we will discuss how you can make money from home by taking photos with your phone. 

I was born in the 80’s and i just had this flashback of the phone we used in our family home back then. If someone told me that time that i will be taking photos with a phone in the future, i would definitely thought they were crazy. I love anything vintage and my husband bought me this beautiful vintage phone a few years back. The sad part is i don’t even think today’s kids will know what it is.  Crazy how times are changing… 

So back to making money with your phone photos. Yes it is very possible. Todays smart phones comes with build in cameras with great megapixels that you almost do not need a SLR OR DSLR camera anymore BUT it is far from the same. I am just putting it out there. They still take much better quality photos and they have more functions then your camera phone. 

It is so simple to do this as well. You take photos and sell them on your own website or on websites like etsy, Agora images, Foap and lots more. Agora have amazing cash prize contests too. 

Type into google search “websites that sells my phone photos.” There are tons of them. 

The catch is you need to know what pictures are popular and what photos people like to purchase. 

So what are you waiting for?

Start snapping and selling. 

Thank you for checking out today’s Work from Home idea. 

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