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So we all love Amazon Right?! It is the one place where you can get just about buy anything from. 

In Today’s post i am going to show you how you can make money from home selling delicious easy to make fudge. The moulds you can buy from Amazon CLICK HERE. 

Package them into see through packets GET IT HERE.

Seal them to look more professional and to last longer BUY IT HERE.

Yes,  use moulds because it is so easy to serve rather then struggling by cutting them in squares. Sometimes they break and you lose profit because you cannot use the broken ones. The cool thing is you can use any silicone mould. 

Now easy to make and easy to sell. You can create your own facebook business page and advertise from there to other groups. This way helped me to sell mine. Search groups under “party” and “kids” or “events”. You can also advertise on wedding related groups because you can make wedding souvenirs (party favors) for the guests. 

Go see schools and try and sell them in their tuck shops. That way you have recurring money coming in weekly. 

You can always ask your kids to sell them at school. 

What i did with mine was i added a different themed tag on them and made them the color of that theme. Like for instance “The Hulk” was green fudge with a hulk tag or Unicorn was different colors with glitter. Whenever someone has a birthday tell them about your product and that you can go according to their colors.  It is best to do advertising before the holidays like Christmas and Valentines day because people love spending money on the holidays. So do not miss out on those days. 

Here is the recipe for my very easy to make fudge:

Prep time: 10 minutes – Makes plus minus 15 pieces

Two cups of Baking Chocolate chips, One cup of Cake frosting, One teaspoon of vanilla essence or an essence of your choice.

Microwave the chocolate chips in a glass bowl for about 2 minutes. It must not be too runny. Mix your cup of cake frosting with the chocolate chips. Add your essence. Make them the colour of your choice with food colouring.

Press the mixture into the moulds and refrigerate for about an hour. Leave them out to dry for 24 hours before packaging them.

I Hope you enjoyed today’s idea for how to make extra money in your pocket.




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