LOP#1 Work from Home – Garage turned into a venue to make extra money.

LOP#1 Work from Home – Turn your Garage into a Party Venue!

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Today i will give you a little secret advice on how you can make extra money from your garage.

Yes you read right! 

Your garage! Obviously there is probably tons of crap you are storing in your garage at the moment if your car is not parked in there. 

So firstly clean that out and have a jumble sale. 

Make sure the neighbours do not complain about the noise and you will be fine. 

Host the parties only during the day time. 

Let your guests know about parking space. If you have none they must be dropped off. 

Now a double garage works best for this work from home advice but if you have a single one do not stress i will have more posts up for you at a later stage with what you can do with a single garage. 

You will need a toilet. If you do not have an outside toilet, you must invest in one, unless you are okay with your guests using your in-house toilet.

I desperately needed money about six years ago and started hosting ladies nights from my dining room once a month.

It was an extra income but only once a month which was not enough. I sat down with a beer one evening after one of these ladies nights and started brainstorming. 

That is when i had the brilliant idea to make a party venue out of my garage! The minimum you will need to start is some draping fabric, pins, table cloths, nylon rope, small plates, forks, benches, and party decorations according to your theme.

Look out for my ebook party planning course coming soon which will explain more into detail of what you need and what you can do to have a successful event!

I host bridal showers, Baby Showers and bachelorette parties on weekends only and i still do it today because i love it! 

My packages was easy to work out. 

So there is another great idea to put extra money in your pocket on weekends! 

You are welcome




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