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Hi There and Welcome to my  finance and Lifestyle Blog! I created this blog to get me through the dire straits months of grinding my teeth and pulling out my hair,  stressing where the next buck is going to come from to pay for my debt and still have money left to actually survive!

I will show you the real way of making extra money for your pocket and how to save some too.  There is too many “online Work from home” crap job advertising that just do not work at all! Trust me,  I have tried them all and I will prove to you that many of them do not work and show you the ones that does work.

My name is Leandra and my story is all about how I got taken for a ride on (what I thought was a great opportunity)  and what turned out to be the worst decision of my financial life! I turned it around by starting this blog and some other things that you will soon be learning from me as well.

Let me explain.  I have a lot of work experience but I will tell you my story from where the shit hit the fan on my financial side.  In 2014 I was working as a factory manager in the food industry. It was a great stable income and a great opportunity that I realised a bit too late.  Like they saying goes, “The grass is not always greener on the other side.”

A so called friend of mine was literally begging me to take over a restaurant of theirs because her husband’s excuse was he wanted to retire. A long story short: A lot of really lucrative promises and opportunities played out to be a lot of bullshit and lies!  I gave up a great paying full time permanent income with a 13th cheque every December to the biggest worst financial decision of my life! It only went from bad to worst when my debt went behind on payments and I became so desperate I tried every single work from home job on the internet. I got scammed out of my last money a few times and I was desperate!

I never recovered from that financially until I started this blog.

Let me show you how.  Let me help you to not make bad financial decisions like I did. I will help you to put more money in your pocket and save more money where it is possible!

Let me help you…